Viton Rubber Gloves Manufacturer

Viton®, the first commercially available fluoroelastomer, was developed in the 1950s. It is a primary material used in today's chemical and fuel processing industry because of its strength in corrosive and high-temperature environments.


  • offers strong resistance to extreme heat (400°F);
  • holds up well against various fuels and highly-corrosive solvents;
  • retains its flexibility in low temperatures;
  • offers resistance to amines, acids, ozone aging, and hydrocarbon fluids;
  • is recommended for handling most chlorinated, aliphatic, and aromatic hydrocarbons and benzene, ethanol, hexane, and toluene;
  • offers strong resistance to PCBs;
  • is the first fluoroelastomer to achieve worldwide ISO 9000 registration;
  • is black in color.

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