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We are currently packing our exam gloves, both blue nitrile and organic (non-pigmented) nitrile in tough, ready-to-use zippered bags by 100/bag and packing 10 bags/case for shipment, for a total of 1000 gloves per case for ordering. 

Examination gloves, or simply exam gloves are specially designed for applications where wall strength, integrity, and cost containment are of paramount importance. Virtually, every task in the laboratory or health care facilities entails the use of these specialized hand protection products to safeguard practioners’ hands from germs, spills, bodily fluids  and chemicals. Ideal for moderate- to high-risk settings, exam gloves also protects patients from cross contamination. At Renco, we offer exam gloves of various sizes, thicknesses, and materials for exceptional performance in the medical, industrial, research and cleanroom environments.

Types of Exam Gloves Offered at Renco Gloves

The following are the popular types of exam gloves we offer at Renco.

  • Nitrile Exam Gloves: More puncture resistant than natural rubber, nitrile exam gloves are the perfect fit for applications exposed to many chemical and biological hazards. Disposable nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear and offer excellent tactile sensitivity. They can be thinner, lighter, and more economical than natural rubber latex gloves as they tend to last longer in the lab. Nitrile gloves became the de-facto standard in the laboratories after patents issued to Tillotson Healthcare et al. The gloves do not contain natural rubber latex proteins which have been known to cause allergies They are available in lengths from 9.5ʺ to 34ʺ and thicknesses from .003ʺ to .011ʺ and in sizes xx-small to xxx large and both ambidextrous and hand-specific (left/right anatomical).
  • Latex Exam Gloves: Manufactured from natural rubber latex and compounding materials, these types of gloves fit your hands like a second skin. They are ideal wearing for an extended time and are the best choice for those who demand high tactile sensitivity. They also stand up well to acids and are very durable for their thickness. Renco’s range of latex exam gloves provide excellent performance across a wide range of tasks in the health care facility and can be available for cleanroom and laboratory applications.
  • Vinyl Exam Gloves: Ideal for short-term, low-risk tasks, vinyl exam gloves are economical when compared to latex and nitrile examination gloves. These latex-free, odor-free and powder-free gloves feature the translucent/clear look and smooth or bisque finish. Vinyl exam gloves are extremely safe for use for latex-sensitive individuals. The barrier performance is relatively lower than nitrile and latex gloves, but they have an excellent price/performance ratio and are ideal for cleanroom and static-sensitive applications on the high-end and food-preparation and handling on the lower scale. They are also available in anti-microbial formulations to diminish the risk of worker contamination.

Typical Features of Renco Exam Gloves

Renco’s exam gloves have received immense popularity due to their capability to minimize the risk of allergic reaction and cross-contamination when used in critical applications in the health care, laboratory and manufacturing applications. Medical professionals at all levels of education and experience make use of these gloves as they:

  • Offer resistance to many chemicals
  • Create an excellent barrier against viral transmission
  • Offer good finger dexterity to reduce hand fatigue
  • Offer a comfortable fit
  • Meet or exceed ASTM test standards
  • Offer excellent resistance to tears and punctures
  • Are durable and biodegradable

The use of gloves is now a fundamental part of the health care industry for applications in physician’s offices, specialty clinics, community health centers, laboratories, oncology clinics, and emergency rooms among many others. Providing a shield to prevent contact with infectious substances and chemical contaminants, they protect users from a wide range of situations. Make the right selection of the exam gloves by having a discussion with the Glovemen at Renco Gloves. Speak to an expert here and get your queries resolved.

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