Bonded Sleeve and Glove

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Renco’s Bonded Sleeve Neoprene Gloves Assure Total Hand Protection

Innovations in the medical field are aimed at improving lives of people who are exposed to diverse environmental extremities, and other dangers in their professions. Renco’s neoprene bonded sleeve gloves are one such innovative products that are designed to protect hands in various industrial, surgical, and examination applications. These gloves are lightweight, and are well-known for their durability. 

Benefits of Renco’s Bonded Gloves

Our bonded sleeve gloves are perfect alternatives for drybox gloves. We have bonded neoprene sleeves with neoprene gloves to produce these user-friendly gloves. These bonded sleeve gloves are available in sizes 7, 8, 9, 11, and 10, as well as lengths 27ʺ and 22 ʺ. Also, we can provide these gloves in varying port sizes such as 12ʺ, 6ʺ, 8ʺ, and 10ʺ. 

Customers can accrue the following benefits by using these gloves:

  • Toughness: Our gloves benefit from their bonded sleeve design, as well as neoprene construction. Immense physical toughness of neoprene makes it an excellent synthetic rubber in comparison to various cheaper rubber materials. The elastic metal bonding property of these gloves makes them popular with automotive, and medical industries. The gloves are puncture, and damage resistant, and have a higher tensile strength too. 
  • Protection and Cushioning: Renco’s neoprene bonded gloves provide protection, and cushioning, which makes them ideal for accident-prone work environments. 
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties: Our neoprene bonded gloves can resist aging, water, heat, and various chemicals. The natural chemical resisting property of neoprene material makes it ideal for handling a variety of oils, chemicals, greases, etc. Our bonded sleeve gloves offer excellent protection against liquid, solid, or solid substance penetrants. Also, the gloves are Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe, which makes them ideal for electrical applications. 
  • Non-Allergenic: Unlike many synthetic material gloves, our bonded neoprene sleeve gloves have no rubber proteins. This makes them safer for people with a history of latex allergies. Hence, these gloves are ideal alternatives for many rubber, butyl, and Hypalon™ (CSPE) gloves. 

Industries Served

All the above-mentioned mechanical properties make our gloves ideal for the following industries:

  • Chemical
  • Healthcare -Medical and Surgical
  • Laboratory and Research 
  • Manufacturing – Heat and Sandblasting Applications
  • Automotive

Renco Gloves provides latest and best-in-class medical supplies. If you have any difficulty in finding neoprene gloves of your specification or other glove products, call our customer service at 978.526.8494 or send your queries to to speed up your order.

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