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The Glovemen™ at Renco Gloves are experts and global distributors of industrial, safety, medical, and laboratory gloves. Since the patent of their Titeline™ Glove/Sleeve replacement system in 1962, Renco has provided expert advice and solutions for safely handling laboratory, research and manufacturing products. Renco also offers specialized custom replaceable glove/sleeve containment systems for field work, patient handling, modular, disposable and portable containment bags, and gloveboxes.  The gloves are used in semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and many other industries

Product Offerings:

Some Renco Glove offerings for unique applications and protective needs are discussed below:

  1. Accordion Sleeves and Gloves: Renco’s accordion sleeves have a corrugated, accordion design, which ensures hand and arm flexibility, and air circulation for comfort. The accordion sleeve and glove combination includes a glove mechanically fitted to a sleeve on a leak-proof controlled environment chamber. The sleeve is mounted onto a ‘gloveport’ of plastic or metal, and allows different persons to use them by easily and economically changing gloves. The convenient two-piece design supports glove various sizes, thicknesses and polymeric configurations for unique operations without the need of changing the entire sleeve.  The cost of replacing a $20-$100./ pair of gloves is much reduced compared to changing a $300 or $500/pair of one-piece, fully dipped drybox gloves.  Since the patent of the Titeline™ system by Bill Renehan in the 1960’s, Renco has been the leader in sleeve/glove systems worldwide.

  2. Titeline™ Glove Sleeves: Renco’s Titeline™ glove/sleeve combination provides the convenience of easy glove replacement for ergonomic sizing, economical replacement, and ecological disposal. The sleeve and glove is connected by a Glove-Under-Sleeve (GUS) or Glove-Over-Sleeve (GOS) connector, which ensures an air-tight, liquid tight protection. Renco’s Titeline™ gloves are available in one-piece or two-piece sleeve/glove combination.

  3. Bonded Sleeves and Gloves: Renco’s two-piece sleeve/glove combinations are created using patented mechanical design and interfaces. These bonded gloves resist chemicals and acids, ozone, fats, greases, oils and solvents just like the Titeline™ sleeve/gloves. They are general purpose elastomer gloves connected with advanced bonding techniques to provide economical alternatives to one-piece, fully-dipped drybox gloves.

  4. Drybox Gloves: Renco’s Drybox gloves are designed for containment, isolation and controlled environment applications. These gloves are made from various exotic and traditional polymers having low permeability to gas, high resistance against chemical products, or sterile and pure protection for products and people alike. These gloves are recommended for handling everything from contaminated samples to ultra-pure Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and potent hazardous materials.   

  5. Anti-Static Drybox Gloves: Renco’s anti-static drybox gloves are designed for use in static sensitive environments with Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) sensitive components and processes. These gloves help prevent risk of spark to components or injuries caused by conflagration. We provide antistatic (ESD) gloves in butyl, nitrile and neoprene materials.

  6. Glove Ports: Renco’s Glove ports and accessories are used for connecting isolator gloves to sleeve,s and the actual fully-dipped or sleeve/glove systems directly to the panels that contain the controlled environments. These connectors resemble boat ports or oval interfaces with flanges to mount the cuff of the sleeves.  Some of our ports, gloves and sleeves  are made from FDA compliant materials. Renco’s glove ports are used for glove-box windows and side panels, and can be mounted by threaded interfaces or with stainless and nickel plated steel fasteners.

  7. Port Accessories:  Renco’s port covers and accessories allow the gloves to be attached to the ports, and to safely change them whenever required. These port accessories often come in a set of two with clamps attached in order to preserve the inert atmosphere within the glove box.

  8. Fingercots: Renco’s hand protection items are used to protect full arms, wrists, hands and even fingers from various chemicals, oils, particulates and contamination risks. Renco has offered cleanroom, ESD finger cots in various thicknesses and styles for over 40 years. The fingercots are used when an entire glove might be unnecessary.  This provides cost savings and reduces the downstream waste.  Renco cots are available in blue, black, orange, pink, natural, white and tan colors.  Applications range from handling sensitive parts and equipment to protecting cuts and abrasions from exposure. The cots protect sensitive equipment and components from electrostatic charges. The cots have also been designed to protect and mask probes for medical and industrial and consumer applications.

  9. ESD Gloves: Renco’s anti-static gloves are used to protect sensitive electronics during assembly, production, and quality control inspection. The ESD gloves are made from nylon and conductive monofilament carbon nylon knits. These ESD gloves help prevent contamination, increases grip, and eliminate static build up on the parts. 

  10. Sterile Irradiated Gloves:  Renco’s sterile nitrile gloves are sterilized by gamma irradiation in accordance with ASTM and AAMI standards. They are both left/right and ambidextrous, and are ribbed or embossed at the fingers for easy gripping. Gloves are custom pair packed in cleanroom environments and are compliant with USP 797 and USP 800 guidelines. 

  11. Restraint Gloves: Renco’s hand and finger restraint gloves offer protection by compromising hand and finger dexterity for patients, inmates and detainees. They have a padded leather and cut-proof lining, and prevent the risks associated with maintaining and transporting at-risk detainees. The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt™ gloves made in the USA are used in psychiatric hospitals, juvenile detention centers, prisons, courtrooms and by military, police and sheriff departments around the USA.

  12. Containment Bags: Renco designs and produces sealed plastic containment bags, which are used to confine contaminated samples.  The containment bags have been designed for filtration of air for the safe transport of patients, and are cost effective and disposable. They have been used by Homeland Security and local and regional centers for patient containment, transport and care. 

Renco Gloves are used in every industry where ergonomic and protective needs are addressed.  They have been deployed in laboratories around the world, and even on Renco’s MWA Containment Work Area designed and built by Renco as ‘flight-hardware’ on the International Space Station.  Renco is one of the most reputable and knowledgeable suppliers of all varieties  of gloves. The company provides its gloves, sleeves and other accessories in various colors, lengths, materials, cuff/port sizes, thicknesses, etc. To know more about Renco’s  glove products, please send your inquiries  to, or call us (800) 257-8284 or (978) 526-8494.

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