Anti Static/ESD Gloves

Anti-static and ESD gloves are widely used in low humidity, flammable and particle sensitive environments. These gloves help protect product and workers from potential dangers. Anti-static gloves are also referred to as Electro-static Dissipative (ESD) gloves, and are ideal for use in electronics cleanrooms, and statically charged environments. These gloves are used while handling electronic applications because static charges can destroy sensitive electronics parts. Renco is a leading supplier and manufacturer of anti-static or ESD gloves and finger cots. 

Types of Anti-static Gloves

All our ESD gloves are manufactured from specific materials which help minimize the build-up of static electricity and can be cleaned with Iso-proyl alcohol. We provide anti-static gloves in the following material constructions:

  1. Butyl ESD Gloves: Butyl rubber has a low gas permeability. and is highly resistant to many chemicals. These properties make butyl rubber a perfect choice for a glove manufacturing. Butyl ESD gloves made with carbon black and are capable of withstanding high temperatures. 
  2. Nitrile ESD Gloves: Nitrile ESD gloves have a lower level of static control as they do not have carbon black to conduct and dissipate static buildup. These gloves are used in pristine, cleanroom environments for seam-sealing integrated circuits and electronic component assemblies. These gloves are resistant to chemicals and oils, and find their applications in sensitive glovebox applications, which require prevention of electrostatic discharge or tribo-electric charging.
  3. Neoprene ESD Gloves: These types of gloves are made from neoprene and contain carbo black material.  The neoprene is valued for its excellent mechanical properties and cost effective price-point. The gloves can resist peroxide wide spectrum of chemicals and relatively high temperature.  They perform well with oil and grease, which makes them ideal for various general work environments. 

Properties of ESD Gloves

Here are some of the important properties of ESD gloves:

  1. Renco’s Neoprene and Butyl ESD drybox gloves are sturdy and long lasting. The carbon black used to manufacture these gloves allows for a rapid discharge rate, thus adding to their durability.
  2. Renco’s Nitrile ESD gloves are anti-static with an ESD rate of 10-11 ohms/sq. highly preferred in several industries due to their reliability, and precision. These gloves are a cost-effective, and affordable option for other cheaper gloves and stand up well for abrasion and puncture resistance.  Renco’s Butyl gloves have the best gas permeability resistance while neoprene is often the lower cost, general purpose style glove choice.
  3. Renco’s Nitrile anti-static drybox gloves are powderless, which makes them the ideal choice for handling sensitive electronic components in particulate free gloveboxes. They also work well with nano-particles and powders which tend to attract and attach to highly charged workplace materials.

Industries Served

The properties of Renco’s ESD and anti-static gloves make them perfect for industries including:

  • Telecommunication 
  • Aerospace
  • Petrochemical
  • Optics
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Research and Development
  • Bio-tech and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Petroleum and Fuels

Applications of Renco’ s Anti-static ESD Gloves

The gloves Renco manufactures have a number of advantages, and can be used in a myriad of applications, including:

  • Precision Instruments
  • Sensitive Films
  • Electronic Components
  • Circuit Boards 
  • Fiber Optics
  • Solar Panels
  • Hospitals 
  • Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Photonics
  • Semiconductor
  • Manufacturing of Medical Equipment

At Renco, we provide you a chance to build a glove or an entire glovebox based on your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of anti-static, sterile and cleanroom gloves made from different virtually any polymer material suited to your application. For more information, you can always get in touch with our professionals at or call us directly at 978.526.8494

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