Secure Fit Restraint Mitt

Renco’s Patent-Pending Secure Fit Restraint Mitt™

Medical and prisoner restraints refer to products that are used to physically restrain and prevent suffering patients, prisoners and detainees or those in solitary confinement from injuring themselves or other innocents. Renco Gloves provides the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt™ (SFRM) which are specially designed to provide a secured fit around the wrist of “at risk” prisoners, patients and detainees. The SFRM is specially designed to protect officers, guards, prisoners, care-givers, and patients from life-threatening incidents during unpredictable conditions.

Beneficial Features of Renco’s Secure Fit Restraint Mitt™

Renco’s Secure Fit Restraint Mitts are unique for the following benefits:

  • Durable Construction: The mitts feature a cut resistant inner lining, durable Velcro straps, and cut–resistant material construction. The SFRM mitts are made in the United States from high-quality leather for repeated use and long-term durability. The SFRM helps protect subjects with reliable and durable construction that can be laundered and disinfected for repeated use.
  • Tamper Resistant Locking Mechanisms:: Renco’s SFRM incorporates tamper resistant locking mechanisms to help prevent self-harm, suicide and accidental death resulting from escape and suicide attempts and from obtaining and discharging weapons.
  • Restricts Dangerous Hand and Finger Movements: The SFRM mitts are designed to safely and humanely lock around the wrists and bind the fingers of ‘at-risk’ detainees with straps, rings and clips. Although the mitts restrict finger and hand movement, they are designed to comfortably protect the wearer from self-harm and incidents during critical, high-risk transport and detention. The straps can be tightened securely with rings, Velcro and clips to ensure safety for all concerned. The mitts are suited to restrict fingers and hands of people with behavioral risks, cognitive disabilities, or people detained and impaired due to alcohol or drug abuse. These SFRM gloves are becoming popular at medical care facilities preventing self-harm or attacks by patients with cognitive disabilities. These Mitts help medical care workers protect themselves and prevent patients from suicide attempts.
  • Used for Law Enforcement, Detention, Transport Purposes:The Secure Fit Restraint Mitts™ are preferred by law enforcement and criminal justice authorities due to their secure and reliable design. The mitts offer protection against shimming, picking, and tampering with locks when used in conjunction with various wrist constraints and handcuffs. The SFRM is an ideal solution for inmate, guard, and officer protection. These mitts are regularly used by law enforcement and detention facilities transporting inmates within prisons, vehicles, medical facilities, courtrooms and public areas. The mitts prevent inmates from obtaining contraband or weapons while in transit and they increase an officer’s reaction time when escape from handcuffs is attempted. The SFRM also is a visual indicator of the secure state of prisoners and detainees in transport. If the Mitt is not visually detected as deployed and in place by the officer/guard, the officer/guard can modify his/her approach to the situation.
  • Deployment and Use:The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt™ is safely deployed after a detainee has been restrained and handcuffed or after a patient has been strapped. The Mitt works in conjunction with the handcuff restraint system behind the back and with belly chains. The first step is to don the mitt onto the subject’s hands and to securely tighten the Velcro straps at the wrist. Snap the tamper resistant clip and proceed to the fingertip section of the mitt, locking down the fingers by fastening the top male clip into the female receiving clip on the palm. Finally, feed the two upper straps over the center palm finger clip, through the D-rings and secure tightly with the Velcro and the safety clips. Check for desired tightness and attach to the belly chains or any other additional restraints behind the back.

To purchase and to learn more about the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt™ or other Renco products, please visit or call us at (800) 257 8284 or (978)526 8494.

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