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Laboratories are the most likely places where bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are studied in controlled environments. Because sampling and experiments need to be carried out in confined spaces, Renco has created custom containment bags. While hard-wall aseptic isolators and containment gloveboxes are more permanent, containment bags are transportable and disposable alternatives. Renco is a leading designer and provider of such bags. They have created bags for Maintenance Work Area’s on the International Space Station, for SARS and Ebola Patient Transport, Tents for production line containment and mobile labs for both wet and dry processes.

Benefits of Renco Containment Bags

The containment bags are used in laboratories where scientists handle hazardous chemicals, nanoparticles, bacteria’s, viruses etc.. Here are some of the benefits of using these bags:

  1. Complete Isolation: The containment bags provide complete isolation keeping people from contact with harmful products. The bags create a closed, sealed compartment for experiments to protect hands, arms and respiratory systems, vision etc.
  2. Superior Purity and Aseptic Conditions: Many experiments and even production procedures require aseptic and even sterile environments. These bags and supplies can be gamma irradiated and custom packaged for tight controls of bioburdens.
  3. Cost-effective: These containment bags require very little or no maintenance, and thus are a cost-effective solution. The following factors make the containment bags cost-effective:
    • They save a good amount of lab space.
    • These bags require a smaller workspace footprint. This further reduces the utility costs.
    • The bags are transportable and can be used to transport experiments and samples from lab to lab.
    • They can easily be designed and deployed for field research outdoors or in vehicles.
    • The bags have can be incinerated with other lab waste products, which helps cut down the cleaning costs and reduce the incidents of cross-contamination.
    • They range from 1/5 to 1/100th of the cost of a rigid, hard-wall containment or isolation system.
    • The bags allow for great visual examination of samples and experiments.
  4. Space Efficient: The portable, disposable isolators are soft walled and flexible, and save space. This allows one to carry out experiment with less congestion. In addition to this, one can also keep other equipment inside or in the vicinity of the bag.
  5. Portable: These mobile containment bags are lightweight and portable. The containment bags can be easily stored in vehicles and transported to locations to carry out experiments or transport contaminated samples and even infected patients.
  6. Filtration and Containment to Maintain Purity and Safety: Another important feature of these bags is that they can contain hazardous materials, micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, etc. The bags can be fitted with high airflow and recirculation to filter and prevent microorganisms from entering or exiting and contaminating it.

Renco Corporation provides mobile lab containment bags, and is a leading manufacturer and designer of original and replacement gloves and containment systems required for unique applications. Renco design and builds custom containment bags, hardwall gloveboxes and portable containment tents. To know more about our products or if you want to build a solution for your requirements, you can get in touch with our experts. We are always ready and happy to help out with your needs. You can reach out to us via phone on (800) 257 8284 or (978)526 8494. You can also mail us at




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