Port Cover and Glove Accessories

The main purpose of a glove box is to protect hands, while providing access to pyrophoric, radioactive, and toxic materials. The glove boxes are supported by a variety of accessories including glove ports, gaskets, etc. Renco provides a vast range of accessories to fit our custom, industry standard glove boxes, isolators, and containment chambers.

Glove Port Accessories Provided by Renco

Customers can purchase the following accessories from us:

  • Nitrile Port Covers: These port covers are latex-free, and non-allergenic. The port covers provide biohazard, and chemical protection. The nitrile port covers are puncture, and tear resistant. These port covers are distinguishable due to their green color, and have longer shelf life than cheap rubber port covers. They can be cleanroom compatible, and sterile at the same time. 
  • Gaskets: The port assembly is secured by two gaskets, and screws. We provide oval and round 8ʺ Buna-N gaskets. These gaskets have ability to withstand temperature extremes from -40 to 226o F. The BUNA-N material provides excellent resistance against petroleum-based fluids, and can resist aromatic hydrocarbons. Also, we offer gaskets in EPDM, butyl, neoprene, and silicone construction. 
  • Oval Gasket Sets: The set includes an 8ʺ oval BUNA gasket with appropriate seals and fasteners. This helps save time spent in finding appropriate accessories for fitting gaskets. 


We offer push-through safe change glove ports with springs and clamps to secure gloves to ports. Also, customers can purchase leak-testing ports and panels, and sterile versions of all items on our website. At Renco, we value deadlines and assure shortest turnaround times on all purchases. We can provide stock, as well as custom glove accessories to meet any industrial need. You can build your own glove port, or call us at 978.526.8494 to enquire more.


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