Anti Static Drybox Gloves

Anti-static dry box gloves are glovebox gloves specially designed for electrostatic dissipative (ESD) applications. Renco provides anti-static drybox gloves to use in gloveboxes and cleanrooms. The gloves are used electronic assemblies, packaging, seam-sealing and assembling and maintaining Electro-Static sensitive products and processes where static discharges may affect electronic components.

Types of Anti-Static (ESD) Drybox Gloves from Renco

Anti-static drybox gloves are primarily used by electronic and military equipment manufacturers, university and R&D laboratories, as well as chemical and bio-pharma manufacturing companies with flammable or ESD sensitive products. Currently, we provide anti-static ESD drybox gloves in the following types:

  • Butyl Anti-Static Drybox Gloves: Renco’s butyl anti-static (ESD) drybox gloves are made from a butyl rubber, which is a copolymer of isoprene/isobutylene copolymer rubber. These anti-static gloves are ideal to use while handling oxidizing chemicals like concentrated nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, concentrated alkalis, alcohols and chemical agents like. Butyl also offers the highest resistance to gas permeability and thus can contain and seal extremely dry, oxygen-free atmospheres where ESD events are at highest risk.

  • Neoprene Anti-static Drybox Gloves: Renco’s neoprene ESD drybox gloves offers resistance against ozone aging, weathering, heating, abrasion and chemicals. These gloves are provided in solvent and latex based formulations and offer excellent dexterity and performance at an economical price point. Neoprene gloves are extremely resistant to cuts and tears, a wide range of chemicals and are widely used for glovebox applications.

  • Nitrile Anti-Static Drybox Gloves:  Renco brought nitrile gloves into the forefront of glovebox applications when it sent its Titeline(™) Drybox gloves as standard flight hardware on the International Space Station (ISS). The Sleeve/Glove system was mounted to Rencos ESD safe CB2000 Containment Bag specifically for its anti-static properties. Since then, Renco has rounded out its chemical safe, ESD line of drybox gloves with a full range of Nitrile One-piece Fully Dipped and Titeline(™) Sleeve/Glove Drybox gloves for 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” diameter glove ports


Specifications of Anti-static Drybox Gloves

Port size

6″, 8″, 10″, 12″

Glove thickness

0.4mm, 0.8mm.

Glove length

13”, 24″, 27″, 32″, 34″

Hand size

7″, 8″ ,9″, 10″, 11″

Hand orientation

Left or right or Ambidextrous


Anti-static gloves are widely used in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, electronic assembly, and many other applications. Renco offers specialized sleeve/glove combinations of anti-static (ESD) drybox gloves.  Renco also carries ESD packaging gloves of Nylon and Carbon mono-filament and Nitrile, and Natural Rubber ESD safe fingercots.

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