Laboratory Drybox, RABS and Isolator Gloves

Eclectic Drybox Glove Solutions for Various Industrial Requirements

Renco’s Drybox gloves are designed to be attached to, and used with pure aseptic working environments and storage containers in various industrial, laboratory and scientific research applications. These gloves allow a user to handle hazardous, aseptic, pure and objects, and materials without causing any harm to himself, the product, the process or someone else in the cleanroom or laboratory. Renco provides a wide range of drybox gloves, sleeves and protective barrier systems for industrial applications.  

Types of Drybox Gloves Offered by Renco

At Renco, we offer the following types of drybox gloves for industrial customers:

  • Hypalon™ (CSPE) Drybox and Isolator Gloves and Sleeves: These gloves are manufactured with chlorosulfonated polyethylene, which provides immense protection and durability. They can be used in drybox environments with comprising heat, chemicals, or oxidation. They have 3-year shelf life and are resistant to Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide as well as many other cleaning agents.  
  • Butyl Drybox Gloves and Sleeves: Butyl gloves have long been a military standard for protection from mustard gas and are an ideal solution to protect personnel environments and processes handling objects with unique chemicals, gases, solvents, and oxides. These gloves provide the highest level of resistance in terms of gas permeation. They have a soft ‘hand’ and a three year shelf life and are available in various thicknesses, lengths and combinations.  
  • Nitrile Drybox Gloves and Sleeves: Gloves made with this synthetic polymer provide great solvent resistance and are widely accepted in laboratories and hospitals around the world as an alternative to natural rubber latex gloves. They make a good substitute for applications that involve the use of hypalon (CSPE), butyl, natural rubber or neoprene gloves. Nitrile drybox gloves are often recommended when working with turpentine, gasoline, ethanol, solvents, etc. They are clean, durable, anti-static and can have great tactile sensitivity. Nitrile is well suited for chemical compounding for oncology and pharmaceutical manufacturing and are economical alternatives to Hypalon™ (CSPE) and Butyl.  

If you do not see the item you need for your application, please use our Build A Sleeve Glove System request form. We will respond with a solution!

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