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Like the one-piece dipped gloves, Accordion sleeves can be attached to drybox/isolator box ports. For some manufacturing or R&D environments, the total lifetime cost of ownership will be lower for a sleeve-and-glove combination rather than a one-piece glove system because when one-piece dipped gloves wear out in any part of the entire glove, the whole pair must be replaced. When a part wears out in a sleeve-and-glove combination, only that one part of the system must be replaced.



Nitrile Sleeve is 60 Mil thick. Length is approximately 8 inches long unstretched and 20 inches long stretched.

Rubber Sleeve is 60 Mil thick. Length is approximately 8 inches long unstretched and 20 inches long stretched.

Neoprene is approximately 40 Mil thick Length is approximately 5 inches long unstretched and 20 inches long stretched.

Connector is a 4 inch plastic ring with a stainless steel springs.

Glove varies by customer selection. Glove adds approximately 6 inches to the length of the system.

Here are the different options available in Renco's line of Sleeves:

  1. Material: Sleeves are usually made of Neoprene, Nitrile, Latex, Hypalon® (csm), Butyl, or Polyurethane/Viton®. One should understand the environment in which the gloves will be used before determining which material would be best suited for end use. Please refer to the Materials pages within this website for more information on each polymer.
  2. Type of Sleeve: To the end user, a straight sleeve system feels similar to a one-piece glove system. The Accordion sleeves and gloves however do not lie on the end user's arm during use, allow for air to circulate during use, and do not significantly expand in either positive or negative pressure environments. Most users prefer Accordion sleeves, but these sleeves are not available in all materials. Although sleeves are not available in all materials, the hand-portions that attach to sleeves are available in all of the materials listed on this page.
  3. Port Size: The port size is the diameter (in inches) of the circular open end of the sleeve. For example, a sleeve with a port size of 8" will fit a circle that has a diameter of 8". Please note that for Straight sleeves, the port size diameter is not the same measurement as the layflat length. The layflat length is the length of the sleeve cuff opening when measured on a flat surface. The standard port sizes are 6", 8", 10", and 12". Because the polymers will stretch, many of the sleeves will fit ports that are slightly larger than a given port size diameter. Also, all sleeves are sold per pair.
  4. Gloves: Sleeves are either sold with or without gloves and can be attached either with a connector or through a permanent bonding process.
  5. Connector: There are two types of connectors available: Renco's patented Titeline® glove-under-sleeve air/liquid-tight connector or a custom glove-over-sleeve (GOS) connector. These connectors can be attached to a sleeve with our without gloves. The Titeline® connector is the standard connector issued. An additional charge is added for all glove-over-sleeve (GOS) connectors. 

    Also, if gloves are attached:
  6. Hand Size: The standard hand sizes available are 8, 9, and 10. Gloves with size 7 or 11 hands are available for select models.
  7. Hand Orientation: The standard hand orientation for Drybox and Isolator Gloves is left/right specific i.e. one glove is dipped for the left hand and the other for the right hand. Ambidextrous gloves are available for many models.
  8. Notes: 
    1. Unless specified, all gloves are sold by pair. Also, some gloves are one-piece dipped gloves, while others are two pieces (one hand-portion glove and one sleeve) that are either bonded together or attached with a Titeline® glove-under-sleeve air/liquid-tight or glove-over-sleeve (GOS) connector. 
    2. An additional charge is added for all glove-over-sleeve (GOS) connectors.

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